Scope Of Service

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, employees have to be examined according to the risk that they are exposed to as well as man job specifications. Section 8 of the abovementioned Act stipulates the duties of the employer. Medical Surveillance flows out of the Risk Assessment as regulated by Section 8. Basadi requires man job specifications prior to the execution of the medical examinations. This ensures that the employees are examined according to the risks identified. In doing this the employer then complies with the Act.

The following services are rendered by registered Occupational Health Practitioners under the supervision of an Occupational Medical Doctor and are as follows:

- Medical Examinations
- Pre-employment
- Annual (old red ticket)
- Public Driving Permit
- Exit
- Across border
- Special requests

Medical Examinations consist of the following:

- Chest x-ray
- Vision test (including colour and depth vision where indicated)
- Audiogram (hearing test)
- A Baseline hearing test is done where necessary. According to legislation all employees who are exposed to noise had to have a baseline audiogram by the 16th November 2003
- Spirogram (lung function test)
- Urine test
- Medical and occupational history
- Physical Examination

Medical fitness certificates are issued according to post profiles, job specifications and medical examinations. A Man Job Speciation that includes a Post Profile must be completed prior to the day of examination.

Other services:

- Health risk assessments of the workplace
- Medical surveillance and biological monitoring where indicated
- Blood and urine specimens are collected on the premises and sent to the laboratory.
- Workplace health policies and programs
- Occupational Health and Safety Training
- Inoculations will be done by arrangement prior to examination date